Predicting Your Superstorm

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Hurricanes and other superstorms cause a tremendous amount of damage. During the last few weeks, we saw a flurry of storms batter parts of Houston and Florida, with more on the way. Some superstorms, tornadoes for example, can come with little to no warning. Other disasters, like hurricanes, provide some time for those found in the projected paths to create some type of plan.

These plans often include first aid kits, boarding up homes, stocking food storage, and a method to let your family know that you are safe. Whether the plan is to leave or stay and weather the storm, each requires a certain level of planning and execution.

In the case of evacuation, even a proper plan designed for evacuating can save a lot of heartache, headache, and even lives. Unfortunately, Mother Nature does not provide us any guarantees on where she will next strike. For example, watch the news for the projected paths of the next hurricane, Hurricane Jose. You’ll see that those predictions are all over the place. Some predictions show it causing no damage whatsoever and some predictions have it hitting land and causing an incredible amount of damage.

How can a family possibly plan for this event when even the professionals that track these superstorms can’t firmly tell us when or where they will land? If we rely on these type of predictions, with no guarantees, it becomes incredibly difficult to create a plan that will be the most effective.

Wealth accumulating and wealth distribution strategies are no different. If our plan is to rely on investment vehicles that provide no guarantees, we expose our nest eggs to possible severe consequences that will be difficult to overcome.

However, with the Perpetual Wealth Strategy, you can rest easy knowing that there are built in guarantees that you can bank on. There are guarantees that, no matter what the prediction is, will be there for you, your family, and your future generations. It won’t matter what financial model is used. It won’t matter what “superstorm” lies in your path.

With strategically built plans, you will weather the storms that life brings you as long as there are guarantees. The Perpetual Wealth Strategy will give you more control, a planned income stream, reduce your risk exposure, and reduce your future tax liability. When you have a plan built around those four key components you will have a peace of mind that can only come with guarantees.


Table of Contents

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