If you learn tax secrets, that aren’t really secrets, then you’ll be managing your money like the top 1%. And the secrets are right in front of your eyes—in the tax code. Fundamentally, everyone wants to pay fewer taxes. But looking at the big picture we see that important initiativesContinue Reading

Cheat Your Bank

Unless you’ve never taken out a loan, you’ve already padded the pockets of banks and bankers. And if you’re moderately successful you will continue to hand over thousands and thousands of dollars over the course of your life. If you continue to be financially “above average” and don’t figure outContinue Reading

True financial education is an ongoing discovery process, not a one-time seminar or blog post read. What does this have to do with growing your wealth? Everything. Regarding your cash management strategy, your education is never “finished.” Your biggest investment is in yourself. Something you learn today or tomorrow couldContinue Reading

3 Wealth Destroyers

“The difficulty lies not so much in developing new ideas as in escaping from old ones.” ― John Maynard Keynes, British Economist circa 1925 Today our economy is in the midst of a huge shift, and the first step to adapting is gathering information. You won’t thrive in a new andContinue Reading

Best Investment

The big question that is brought up time and time again in discussion with clients is “What is the best investment?” In essence, everyone wants to know what investment has the least amount of risk but the highest return. They want something that they can guarantee. So what is theContinue Reading

We tend to do everything we can to maintain good credit. We pay our bills on time, limit the number of credit cards we take out, and even pay for credit-monitoring services just to make sure we’re protected. A credit score above 750 is often seen as the gold standardContinue Reading

Investing Emotionally

We all have an emotional and a rational side of thinking. Investing emotionally can be dangerous. Most often, however, we think that rational side will be able to control the emotional side. Though, take a minute to decide if that’s really the case.  There’s a  great metaphor that encapsulates this ideaContinue Reading

The prospect of being able to fund the costs of your children’s college education can feel daunting. Particularly if your children want to go to a private four-year university directly out of high school, you are probably wondering how you’ll afford a $50,000+ annual tuition bill and all of theContinue Reading