Rat Race

Eat, sleep, work, repeat… Does this rat race sound familiar? For many, the get-up-and-go-to-work routine this is the only way they know, simply trying to pay the bills and survive. The result ends up being that you merely work for your money, rather than your money working for you. “MoneyContinue Reading

Financial responsibility

Financial responsibility comes in many forms and is important for a multitude of reasons. When we are accountable for something within our control and management, such as money, it becomes our responsibility. Having money requires us to take financial responsibility for how it is managed, how it is spent, and howContinue Reading

Entreneurship funding and loans

When discussing entrepreneurship, being in control is a crucial aspect of successful business ownership. Today we will dig deeper into how to use a cash value focused life insurance policy to fund portions of your business. A Closer Look at Entrepreneurship & Business Loans Business owner A is the typical entrepreneur who, based on the financialContinue Reading

Policy loan and entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship and its benefits to the U.S. economy are as great as gospel to the financial gurus. But for you (the prospective new BOSS), it’s the personal rewards of entrepreneurship that remain most significant: high earnings, flexible work schedules, and following your passion. Entrepreneurship & Policy Loans According to Steve Case,Continue Reading

Entrepreneurship and being your own boss

Entrepreneurship, owning your own business, and being the boss are right up there with owning your own home as the most defining concepts of the American dream. Today, with the high rate of unemployment, the uncertainty of the global economy and the general unease of world socio-political events, taking control ofContinue Reading

do we need cash?

Cash, bills, coinage, notes, dough—our government is printing more cash than ever. But should we be ditching it instead? We love to fill our tub with bills and roll in it as much as the next person, but cash actually enables crime. That’s right. Bribery, tax evasion, drug dealing, andContinue Reading

Using paid-up additions rider for home renovation

A paid-up additions rider isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when people think of home renovations. In fact, life insurance is rarely the first thing on anyone’s mind. But a paid-up additions (PUA) rider is one of the most important elements of a properly structured life insurance policy builtContinue Reading

universal life insurance policy

Universal life insurance might not be the right choice for you. Though all permanent life insurance policies render a cash value, universal life insurance isn’t necessarily the best option for infinite banking and retirement planning. At Paradigm Life, we always focus on the best strategy that helps clients maximize the benefits within theirContinue Reading