Barry Dyke: Crusader Against the Corruption of Wall Street

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This blog was created based on our podcast with Patrick Donohoe and Barry Dyke. Click here to listen to it now!

In this blog I’m going to spend some time sharing about one of my favorite guys in the world, just based on what he’s done and his knowledge, intelligence, background, and really the research he goes into to prove his point. So, you’re going to love this guy. His name’s Barry Dyke and he has his third book coming out, which is called Guaranteed Income.

For new readers (and listeners for those of you who listen to our podcast, The Wealth Standard), take a look at some of the past podcasts we did with Barry. There are podcasts on there dating back to 2008, so there’s some good content on there.

Let’s get into Barry just a little bit. Barry’s been in financial services for a number of years. He works in a small shop up in New Hampshire and his firm is called Castle Asset Management. The last several decades he’s been on what he calls a crusade or a mission to bring information to the public that we typically don’t know about, that’s not always blazing across media headlines.

What he’s really put into his books, as far as passion and research, is compelling. I’ve always called it the “Underdog Syndrome”. If you’re going after a Goliath, you need to use different strategies. You need to think differently and you need to be strategic. Looking at Barry, He’s going up against Goliath, which is Wall Street, which is Washington, D.C., which is taxation, which is really the traditional rhetoric that we’re taught about financial services. Barry has taken the approach of going in and documenting everything, and it is profound. His first two books really show his level of research and passion for this education. This new book focuses on a prevalent problem these days, which revolves around retirees, or those who are on the brink of retirement trying to figure out what to do.

Markets are crazy, they’re up and down, and energy prices are going haywire. Foreign affairs have influence on the U. S., on our markets, and also on trade and dollar valuation. This is focusing on what the wealthy do for their retirement income. What financial vehicles do they use?

He did touch on this a little bit in his second book which is, The Highway to Serfdom. In that book he talked about how Wall Street essentially capitalizes and leverages markets and businesses and do very well at it, but the interesting thing is what these individuals, what these companies, these corporations are doing, what high-level government officials are doing with their money. He really kinda puts the caps on it in this book. You can buy it on his Web site,

It was interesting the first time that I met Barry. It was, actually, about ten, twenty seconds after I bought his book and I get this call, randomly, from New Hampshire. This was back in 2007, just right after he came out with his first book, The Pirates of Manhattan. Since then, he’s been on the podcast a few times. We’ve also seen him at lots of events. We love Barry here, we reference his books and information he’s put out there. It’s really helped our business, so our hats are off to him and his influence on us.

But Barry’s on a crusade and this is his next book and it’s actually quite an amazing book. The forward is by David Walker, who is the ex-controller of The Currency. What he says in the forward is profound. Typically, forwards are paid, people are paid and so forth, but this forward is heartfelt and it’s really true to core of what’s going on in the U.S. these days.

But, also, just looking at some of the other references he makes, it’s amazing the information he’s been able to extract, whether it’s from the Internet or from interviews, or from companies or from relationships that he has, but you’re going to love the interview! It’s very short, it’s only about thirty minutes long, but I hope you enjoy it. Then, I’ll see you on the back end and we’ll wrap up.

Looking at the primary financial strategy that we really started with that Paradigm Life three years ago or so, it really started to shift because the overarching need that individuals really have is not, necessarily, what you can accumulate money to but what that money will translate into once you are no longer able to put in the effort for your working years. And that’s income. Looking at our focus there, we came across a number of different strategies and it’s interesting to kinda see how Barry’s and our strategies have kind of aligned over the years.

There are some things that we’ve done, as well, so you can check out our resource pages at On that resources page, we have a couple of videos and we’re also featuring an E-book–it’s actually about a fifty-page E-book by an individual who was on the podcast a few months ago, by the name of Wi Fao. He wrote a book just talking about, really, the idea of keeping your retirement in the market to be able to pull from that portfolio in retirement.    

We are always trying to continue to build the message, whether it’s books or podcasts. If you’re in that vein, if you’re questioning what we talk about and questioning whether or not traditional strategies are or are not viable to individuals today, we’d love to hear your feedback.

We’d also love to hear what your questions are. We’d love to hear what your comments are, if you agree with us–if you disagree with us–we would love to take that information and to pick it apart and do some research and come to, really, what the truth is, because, “in the end”, I think that’s what Barry’s trying to do. That’s what we’re trying to do,meet people’s needs with the best, most secure and safe strategies that are out there because right now the most prevalent strategies–the ones that are used by most people–they’re just not working!

Barry Dyke: Crusader Against the Corruption of Wall Street


Q: Who is Barry Dyke, and what is his mission?

A: Barry Dyke is a financial services professional who has dedicated his career to exposing what he perceives as corruption in Wall Street and traditional financial practices. His mission is to educate the public about alternative financial strategies.

Q: What are the key themes of Barry Dyke’s books?

A: Dyke’s books focus on the strategies used by the wealthy for retirement income, the leverage of markets by Wall Street, and alternative approaches to managing personal finances, challenging conventional financial wisdom.

Q: How does Barry Dyke’s perspective align with Paradigm Life’s approach?

A: Paradigm Life shares similar views with Barry Dyke regarding financial strategies. Both advocate for less reliance on traditional banking and Wall Street, emphasizing personal financial systems that offer greater security and independence.

Table of Contents

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