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Everything on this Earth was put here to either act or to be acted upon. Which one are you?

A lumberjack acts, and the trees are acted upon as they are taken from the forest to become lumber for your home. A miner acts, and the extracted ore is acted upon as it transforms into hammers, nails, and machinery.

People can be agents who act, or objects who are acted upon.

Agents who act:
People who work, produce, create, build, motivate, influence, inspire, transform, drive, advance, prevail, listen and learn. These people have an abundance mentality and can take effective action for themselves and for others. They are humble and give credit where credit is due. They work tirelessly for themselves and for anyone who needs their help. These people are the givers.

Objects who are acted upon:
People who sit idle, procrastinate, do nothing, dawdle, retire, fear, fade and fall apart. Other negatives of this object are dormant, unproductive, closed, corrupt and corroded. These people have a scarcity mentality and tend not to act, but to be acted upon. They blame others for what happens to them.  When they do act, it is usually selfishly, and often at the cost of others. These are the takers.

Money can also sit idle, decline, or be used to do many great things.

Surveys show that working adults have a goal to accumulate enough money so that they can do nothing (retire) and then consume their resources until they and their resources are gone.  Many haven’t thought further than that. What will you do with your retirement?

Why not accumulate enough money so that you can have more opportunities to produce and help others? What else could you accomplish if you weren’t just an object to be acted upon? You could possibly reinvent ways to make your life and the lives of those around you better!  It’s time to find new ways to act.

Now’s the time to learn new concepts, ideas, and strategies that will allow you to act upon your money to do more. Maximize your wealth, and use it to create an effective abundance that can bless your life and the lives of those around you. Let us show you how.


Table of Contents

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