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If you have been on a cruise lately, you partook in a one-of-a-kind experience. Thousands of people board these billion-dollar miracle structures daily. In a year, millions cram into cabins the size of some of their closets at home, consume an endless array of cuisine, ice skate, rock climb, surf artificial waves, and bombard ports of call with commerce that sustains entire communities. Between the belly-flop contests, overpriced knockoff watches, and animal-like figurines crafted by your room steward is a group of 200 people who embark on the annual Investor’s Summit at Sea, hosted by The Real Estate Guys (Robert Helms and Russel Gray).

Cruising, in my experience, is an acquired taste, and although it wouldn’t be my first vacation choice, I recently returned home from my seventh summit with an equally invaluable experience as the previous six. My dear friends and mentors Robert Helms and Russell Gray went over the top, again. From the star-studded faculty (ranging from Robert Kiyosaki, G. Edward Griffin, and Peter Schiff) to the network of high-caliber investors and entrepreneurs, it was a marathon of education, ideas, discussion, study, and even a little fun. A huge thank you to everyone who made it possible.

This year was particularly special to me. My ten-year-old daughter Meghan, who has always expressed interest and intrigue with business and investment, accompanied me.

I had the following conversation with my daughter to ensure she wouldn’t succumb to boredom:

“Meghan, I just need to remind you that this isn’t a normal cruise and there may not be any kids to hang out with!” I stated as last ditch effort to ensure she wouldn’t succumb to boredom.

“There are a lot of adults you will be talking to, and there is more time spent learning in a conference room than having fun at the pool and beach. Plus…”  

Meghan Interrupted. “Dad, it’s ok, I get it, I won’t be shy, and I’m not gonna get bored…and I’ll ignore all of the adult language…don’t worry.”

She lived up to that….in spades. She even tied for first in the ugly souvenir contest.

Despite her inherited shyness (from me of course), she shook hands, made friends, participated in conversations and even played a small role in my presentation.

I am proud of her and grateful that I could provide an experience that in my opinion trumps anything she would have learned that week (or year) at school.

The highlight was being around Robert Kiyosaki. Meghan got her mini edition of Rich Dad Poor Dad as well as the 20th year anniversary edition signed. She even got a big hug from him after.

Robert was celebrating two milestones that week, his 70th birthday and the 20-year anniversary of RDPD, it was evident that, regardless of his achievements, he still had a lot more to teach. One of his recurring comments was: “I am not here for you, I am here to be among you.” He was there to learn.

Each of his presentations, including a several hours article study, made me realize something inevasible to achievement. The notion that perspective and mindset of the present differs from that of whatever the achieved state is. Therefore, perhaps the greatest impediment to any meaningful progress is the unwillingness to be wrong (your current mindset), to learn and understand something new (the achieved mindset).

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To sum it up: when you seek to understand (not be understood) and let go of having to be right (because what you care about is what is right), you can gain a life-changing perspective.

I learned a great deal more and will be sharing more thoughts on my podcast found at The Wealth Standard Network.

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Table of Contents

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