How Whole Life Insurance Can Help You Budget Better

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holiday_familyYou can just hear the words in your head “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” For most, the winter season allows for a more generous spirit to arrive in the form of gift giving. The question then being asked is: how does your bank account survive? Most would likely answer that financial survival through the holidays is about shopping the deals, getting creative, and lastly planning ahead, i.e. having a budget.

A budget is the plan that that ensures your financial survival. However, when those last minute expenses pop-up to show their ugly head and tempt you to spend beyond your budget, what happens then? Our answer is: if you really want to splurge by spending that extra $250, then do it. You have a safety net.

Whole Life Insurance allows for the ‘Spending Give and Takes’

The giving and taking in your budget can get extra tricky. You can justify buying extra things that go beyond your budgeting plan by saying you won’t be dining out that evening or buying those shoes, but realistically most people spend their money on disposable items that make up a lifestyle. So it’s hard to limit spending on what you’re already accustomed. That’s where Whole Life insurance comes in.

With the advantages of cash –value insurance you can catch those budget leaks, or plan to spend by borrowing against your policy. Regardless of what road you take to utilize your policy, you are giving yourself the financial opportunity to give your money motion and yourself financial options.

Whole Life Insurance Advantages

A well-structured whole life policy not only gives you a death benefit, but as the name suggests, insures you money while you’re alive. The premiums paid to your policy is what gives you a guaranteed cash value that continues to grow and earn interest at a steady rate. As a policy owner you can access the cash for anything you want and at any time. So whether you want some extra spending money for the holidays, or you are planning for home improvements, you make the choice.

Whole Life Insurance Gives You:

  • Liquidity
  • Borrowing Control
  • Rate of Return
  • Tax Benefits
  • Safety and Protection
  • Wealth Building and Strategizing

Whole Life Insurance gives you a budgeting plan and a safety net, so you can get through the holiday spending frenzy without much worry. For more information visit Life Insurance For You.

Table of Contents

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