What If You Had a Cure for Cancer?

Cure for Cancer

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Imagine if you discovered a simple cure for Cancer. Do you think it would be easy to convince the public to adopt your treatment?

If you said, “No,” then you’re likely right. You may bounce from media outlets to pharmaceutical companies trying to find someone who didn’t think you were crazy. But why? People resist change. Our brains are hard-wired to do things the way we’ve always done them—whether it’s good for us or not. The longer we have biases, opinions, and outdated paradigms, the harder it is to break them.

People resist change for a lot of reasons. They may misunderstand reality, fear the unknown, lack competence, or just get caught up in what everyone else is doing—even if it doesn’t serve them. Let’s look at the financial implications of getting stuck in old ideas.

For decades, the 401(k) has been the vehicle-of-choice for retirement savings. Now it’s time for us to make a bold assertion. The 401(k) strategy is outdated, risky, and insufficient. We’re not even sure it’s a strategy anymore. And you can’t trust the firms and advisors who got you into the mess to tell you it’s time to get out. The folks who manage and administer your 401(k) get their share of the pie, and the last thing they want you to do is challenge the status quo and consider moving your money.

Don’t take our word that it’s broken. You need a compelling reason to challenge your paradigm. So here are a few: The dot com crash in 2001. The Recession in 2002. The Bubble and Crash in 2008. The Social unrest, war, and violence we’re experiencing now. It’s easy to see the connection between global events, the volatile market, and your dwindling 401(k). This connection is reason enough for you question the way retirement savings has worked in the past—and wonder if you’ll have enough money when you retire in the future.

What if we told you that we also have some good news? We’ve found a simple fix to the outdated, failing 401(k) methodology. We teach an ideal solution that leverages a strategy more than a hundred years old and used by the largest banks and companies in the nation to build wealth. There’s a reason our company is called Paradigm Life. The strategy we offer definitely requires you to look at a different way of investing.

Let us show you how you can recoup some of the losses you’ve had and put you on a financial path where you’ll have guaranteed results. Here’s how to change your paradigm about saving for retirement and reap the rewards of change:

  • • Take the time to learn all you can about the concept called Infinite Banking.
  • • Humble yourself to the possibility that there are better strategies to save and manage money.
  • • Consider moving money out of your 401(k).
  • • Partner with Paradigm Life to purchase an insurance policy with a cash addition.
  • • Borrow money from yourself and save money you would have paid the bank in interest.
  • • Watch your wealth grow in a safe environment.
  • • Pass your strategy and wealth on to your family.

We’ve put simple videos together in the eCourse called Infinite 101® to show you how it’s done. It only takes 2 minutes to sign up and receive access to video tutorials, articles, and podcasts. It literally costs you nothing to become educated on this ideal strategy and start changing your wealth paradigm!

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Cure for Cancer

Table of Contents

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