The Best Things in Life, Really Are Free: From Ice Cream to Living Benefits

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Free signThere is no more powerful marketing term than “free”. Can anyone really argue with free? Not likely. Recently Dairy Queen, Rita’s Ice, and Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream have truly capitalized on this reality by giving away free ice cream.

Each establishment is advertising their free items for different reasons, whether it be to celebrate 75 years in business or the induction into the spring season. Does it really matter, so long as you end up with something for free, right?

Ever found yourself signing up for something you never heard of, or accepting a sample of something you never before tried, all because it was free?

We’ve had the Ice Cream; now what about those Living Benefits?

Living benefits are just that; benefits that you and your dependents can count on financially while you are alive.

With a Permanent Life Insurance policy (also known as Whole life Insurance), you not only are signing up for death benefits for your dependents, but you are adding cash value to your personal financial economy. Cash that you can access at any time during your lifetime.

This amazing benefit allows you to enjoy the freedom of having the cash you need to enjoy your life while growing your personal economy.

There is a plethora of information online in regards to Permanent life insurance and how it works. Some of the best can be found in the Resources section on our website. And yes, this invaluable information is – you guessed it, FREE.

Yes free in any form is fantastic, and especially helpful when important information such as life or financial advice is concerned. Though we’ll gladly take the free ice cream too.

Table of Contents

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