SEC Fraud, Justice, and Eagle Scouts

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Patrick Donohoe is joined by Chris Wade in the 77th episode of Infinite Banking Radio. Chris currently resides in Kirkland, Washington and works for Back Office Connection. He has been in the financial services industry for about 15 years, and has worked in several states across the U.S. Patrick and Chris come together to discuss the book that Chris is currently writing: The Whistle and The Talon.

Listen in today to hear all about Chris’s firsthand account of taking down a fraudulent investment manager. How he gathered information, and helped to bring this man to justice.

Back in 2001, I left a perfectly good position at a software company in San Francisco to work in Kansas City for one of the best stock-pickers to ever come out of Boston. But there was a problem. He was dirty.” – Chris Wade

Chris has started a Kickstarter page to help fund this project that may not otherwise be brought to fruition. For more information on his book, please visit his kickstarter site The Whistle and the Talon.

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Table of Contents

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