Safely Exiting the Wall Street Roller Coaster

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Putting your money in Wall Street is gamble. Yes, gambling can pay off, but there’s always a considerable risk. When you rely on Wall Street and invest your money, professional fund managers will place it directly into high-risk, unpredictable investments. The fact is, Wall Street has benefitted greatly from a substantial cash infusion in the past few decades. This is due to ordinary Americans looking for a source of retirement income and to beat inflation.

The question you have to ask yourself is, “What benefits have I seen from my Wall Street stocks?” Often, the reality is that returns that basic investors see are overwhelmed by investment fees, taxes, and charges. Wall Street is a game of patience, where you can see your earnings be eliminated in one day, only to increase the next. This is a frustrating roller coaster and people often feel that they’ve either invested too much to jump out now or that there may not be a better alternative.

Here are a few tips to safely get off the Wall Street roller coaster:

Avoid the Gamble
When you place your money into financial markets, you also pick a specific set of cleverly-packaged investment products, with the hope that your picks will earn a strong return on your investment. This is essentially gambling. The rush of gambling can bring a rush, but it’s not exactly wise to risk your savings in any case.

Admit Why You’re Fearful
One major reason people stay on the proverbial roller coaster is that they’ve already spent a number of years watching their investment rise and fall and are fearful they’ll miss out on a potential long-term increase. It’s perfectly acceptable to admit these fears. In fact, it’s feels logical compared to some alternative investment risks. For example, an objective look at using a 401(k) will show that plan setting you up for a lifetime of financial volatility. When looking at other options, you may fear that you’ll have to start at square one.

Create a Solid Wealth Building Foundation
Once you take that first step and commit to leaving the volatility of Wall Street, you’ll need an immediate wealth building strategy to take its place. In order to lay the foundation for this strategy, take the time to educate yourself about investing with the intent to improve the most important qualities of a wealth building plan. These key factors are security, liquidity, and minimal tax liability.

Leverage Your Assets Effectively
Investing in Wall Street is a linear path, meaning you put money in and hope to get more when it’s all said and done. As with any gamble, there can be success found at the end, but with years of frustration and stress behind you. Instead, leverage your assets so that any money you invest has an element of liquidity. The key is to use your investment as cash value, allowing you to make further investments in real estate and other commodities.

The Wall Street roller coaster clearly gives us all an adrenaline rush, but it can often leave us feeling queasy in the end. It may be time to research far less volatile, non-secured investments and remove your money from a ride that has gradual increases, steep drops and nausea-inducing loops. If you’re ready to rethink your wealth building strategy, we recommend The Perpetual Wealth Strategy, which gives you peace of mind, but also the potential for further investment opportunities.

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Table of Contents

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