video : Live Presentation: The "AND Asset"

Live Presentation: The "AND Asset"

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Live Presentation: The "AND Asset"


why?If you are an investor or business person, this video will teach you how to multiply your rate of return.
how?Discover what banking principles are and how you can adopt them into your financial life.
what?Learn the application to your life so you can take back control of your wealth.


An "and" asset allows you to invest in multiple things with the same dollar. In this 2014 seminar for The Real Estate Guys' Summit at Sea, President and CEO of Paradigm Life, Patrick Donohoe, teaches how Whole Life Insurance becomes an "and" asset when you use it to Infinitely Bank.

The Infinite Banking Concept, originally coined by economist Nelson Nash, is a way to privately bank. An individual's money, inside a Whole Life Policy, can be borrowed against itself, yet still earn a rate of return. Just like banks earn a high yield by fractional lending, a person who Infinitely Banks, reaps the same benefits that would otherwise be given to the central bank.