Being an Entrepreneur in the United States

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Entrepreneur in the United States Being an Entrepreneur in the United States

The American Dream has been a driving force for entrepreneurs in the United States for many years. America cultivates an environment in which the common man can work his way towards prosperity and success and this environment has enabled entrepreneurs to envision and build the business that they believe in.

Here are some facts about entrepreneurs in the United States…

  • Each month 543,000 new business are started
  • In 2011, alone, 6,516,000 new businesses were started

Things You Should Know

If you are thinking of starting your own business you should know…

  • Internet Publishing and Broadcasting has the highest revenue growth of any industry from 2000-2011
  • Wind power is expected to grow the most of any industry, at 11.2%, for the years 2011-2016
  • The states that are often regarded the best for entrepreneurs are California, Alaska, Arizona, Colorado and Texas
  • The states that are often regarded as the worst for entrepreneurs are Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, West Virginia and Pennsylvania
  • The highest percentage of entrepreneurs per 100,000 is in Arizona

Starting your own business may be time consuming and it may even be frustrating, at times. But, America is the place to be if you are determined to gain success as an entrepreneur. With the right amount of time, research, funds and development you may be able to start a successful business, right here, in the United States.

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Table of Contents

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