How to Perpetuate Abundance Through Brazen Gratitude

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Sometimes we get so wrapped up in what it takes to reach our financial goals that we don’t step back and take stock of what we already have. Creating wealth is more than strategizing, scrimping, and crunching numbers. When you look at the world differently, through eyes of gratitude, you see that wealth is everything that enriches your life—everything that makes you feel free to appreciate what matters most. Gratitude invites wealth. It’s a mindset that that allows you to love life despite obstacles in the path to your desires. How are you using gratitude to get the extraordinary happiness you deserve?

We want to share a summary of an activity from Tony Robbins’s coaching collection called Financial Freedom. Tony’s wealth philosophy is in line with much of what we teach at Paradigm Life. When you’re on the road to leading a wealthy life, money in your bank account is one aspect of many. But let’s start by thinking about what wealth means to you.

What Does Wealth Mean To You?

We can say for sure, that if you don’t know where you’re going you’ll never get there. So, reaching a state of wealth is impossible for you unless you define it. But don’t stop at just defining wealth, keep going and define abundance in your life. What does that look like for you? What are you doing, feeling, having, and appreciating? Discover this, and then you’ll know what your true target is.

Your Gratitude List

Regardless of how many times in your life you hear this advice, it will still be true. The best way to create wealth and abundance is to direct your focus on what you have gratitude for now. Take a minute to write down the things in your life that make you feel wealthy—in all areas. This is a great way to shift your psychological and emotional state to one of gratitude. And that’s where you need to start when you want to create even more of the great things in your life.

Types of Wealth

In Tony’s program, he reminds us that abundance and joy come from several types of wealth; not just the almighty dollar.

Physical. Health and energy in your body that makes everything you do possible.

Emotional. Gratitude, love, and abundance are what make your life meaningful.

Relationships. How you and the ones you love and care about treat each other.

Time. When you’re really enjoying what you’re doing, time seems to disappear, in a good way. When it comes down to it, time is an emotion, and it’s one of the greatest resources we have.

Purpose. A career is something you choose to do because you get some level of satisfaction from it, but when you’re truly living your mission, something you feel like you were born to do, it makes life more meaningful. Work is no longer work—it becomes more like play.

Financial. Money can provide us with resources and a certain level of freedom if used effectively.

Contribution. Progress and happiness come from growing and giving—getting outside of yourself by adding value to other people’s lives.

“The richer you think and feel, the more abundance you attract. And when you’re operating from that place of gratitude, it creates a different experience. The more successful, wealthy, and happy you become, the more momentum you gain. Other people become attracted to you and add to that wealth with more deals, more opportunities, and more experiences that lead down the path to financial freedom. Wealth truly does start in the mind and heart. Once you’ve locked that truth into your psychology, the financial freedom that’s only a dream now can become your reality!”

–Tony Robbins

You can purchase the program Financial Freedom on his website. © Robbins Research International, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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Table of Contents

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