Permanent Insurance: A Foundational Asset

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foundational assetOne of the great and on-going, economic debates, in America, is about what the government should do to lessen or end a recession.

Here are some of the most popular, but opposing, policies:

  • Increase supply or increase demand
  • Lower taxes on the poor or lower taxes on the rich
  • Massive increases in government spending
  • Drastic reductions in government spending
  • Huge bail-outs or sink-or-swim bankruptcy for failing corporations

Two Approaches to Recession Recovery

The Liberal method and the Conservative method. The Liberal approach calls for total government intervention and spending while the Conservative mantra is to keep government out of the way and let the free market and private sector do their thing.

The arguments are fierce on both sides. But our goal is not to advocate or settle this debate. A look back at history, from The Depression, Roosevelt’s New Deal, the recession of the 1970’s/early 80’s and the recession of 2007, will allow you to decide for yourself. For our purposes, knowing that recessions are a natural ebb and flow of a country’s economy and destined to occur again.

What You Can Do To Survive

There are the basics of course; you can keep up with your debt, commit to using your credit cards less, and start cutting costs in other places, like luxury expenditures.

However, Whole Life Insurance is a way to shelter your hard earned money and still continue to prosper during a recession – regardless of how congress or Wall Street decides to handle things.

Whole Life or Permanent Insurance is a foundational asset that allows multiplicity with your money.

For instance, banks own and use permanent insurance to meet their federally required reserve holdings – because whole life provides liquidity. In addition to liquidity, a policy’s face value earns interest at a steady rate, making the cash value amount automatically increase.



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Table of Contents

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