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What if every day could be perfect? Fitness coach and author Craig Ballantyne aims to get you as close as possible to that ideal with his book, The Perfect Day Formula: How to Own the Day and Control Your Life, Ballantyne offers ideas for living, working, and making the most of the life you have.

Imagine for a moment what a perfect day would look like for you. Picture the most productive day you’ve ever had, and then imagine having that every day. For most of us, our perfect day is one where the tasks we accomplish are about more than just getting through the day, but rather about moving ahead in dramatic leaps and bounds toward our big goals and dreams. Here are the main points of Ballantyne’s philosophy.


As the first principle, Ballantyne emphasizes how important your morning can be. He believes it’s not so much what time you get up, but what you do with your time. “So you control the morning, we have the most control over our mornings. When we get up, what we do, what we have for breakfast, what we focus on for the first 15 to 90 minutes. You know, what time we get to work. So we have control, and if we have good control over our morning, we can earn freedom later on in the day.”


The second principle is to cope with what you can’t control—there are things you just can’t do anything about. You can’t control other people, traffic, and of course the weather. If your spouse or partner is going to have a bad day of their own and they come home in a bad mood you can’t control that, but you can cope with it by controlling your own reaction to it. He says, “That’s really removed a lot of stress from my life, when I realize, hey, I don’t have to get angry because somebody else is angry. I can control my reaction to this and work through a better resolution.”


The third principle is to concentrate on what counts in the moment. By adding more focus to your workday, you get tasks done—that gives you the freedom in the evening to focus on what’s important at that time; possibly family or personal projects. This is where you can see some payoff in your personal life. Being easily distracted during the day means you’re stealing time from yourself in the evening.

Magic Time

If you’re struggling to finish your to-do list and get work done on time, you can fix the bottlenecks quickly and easily to reach higher levels of success using magic time. Everyone has a time of day that they are most productive, and the catch is that it can be different times for different people. Carve that time out for taking action toward your number-one priority. Once you leverage this time, you’ll make leaps and bounds in your life.

Structure Equals Freedom

None of this works without discipline and accountability. The more structure you have in your life, the more freedom you have. If you’re creating a to-do list in the morning it’s too late. You should do a couple of things at night. First, do what he calls a “brain dump” instead of a brainstorm. Just get everything out of your mind by writing it down. After you get the clutter out of your head, then you’re ready to create a list of your most important tasks. Don’t forget to add a deadline.

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Momentum, Drive, Change

Table of Contents

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