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The Infinite Banking Concept is not a new idea. Actually, it was developed more than 100 years ago and written about in the 1980’s, by R. Nelson Nash, who introduced the concept to the general public, after a 35-year career as a life insurance agent.

While Nash’s book is currently in its 5th printing, it wasn’t until Paradigm Life became the leading expert in “The Infinite Banking Concept” and dedicated their entire business platform to it – it’s all we do – that the idea really gained momentum.

In short, the concept is a revolutionary way of looking at, managing, growing, using and borrowing your own money, tax free, without a bank. With the “Infinite Banking Concept,” you’re the bank! And, in conjunction with your total financial freedom, you’ll also own a life insurance policy that lasts your entire lifetime. That’s death benefits and life benefits from the same policy.

Earlier this year, Paradigm Life released a new version of their online Infinite Banking 101 course for everyone to learn about and take advantage of this system. But right now, we just issued “Infinite Banking 101 – For Clients” which offers new information, videos and documents exclusively for Paradigm customers. Among the latest topics discussed are How Banks and Major Corporations Use Life Insurance and How to Manage your Policy Loans among many more.

Of course, we want to assure that both our clients and the public can share in our experience and expertise. So, in addition to the new client forum, the basic “Infinite 101” courses are still available and free to anyone wishing to increase their understanding of this unique financial system.


Q: What is the Infinite Banking Concept?

A: The Infinite Banking Concept, developed by R. Nelson Nash, is a financial strategy using whole life insurance policies to create a personal banking system, allowing tax-free management and growth of personal funds.

Q: What new features does the “Infinite Banking 101 – For Clients” course offer?

A: The updated “Infinite Banking 101 – For Clients” course provides exclusive information, videos, and documents for Paradigm customers, covering topics like the use of life insurance by banks and corporations and policy loan management.

Q: Is the Infinite Banking 101 course available to the public?

A: Yes, the basic “Infinite Banking 101” course is available and free for anyone interested in learning about this unique financial system.

Table of Contents

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