Giving Thanks for the “Turducken” of the Financial Industry

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turducken1 You could arguably say the best thing about Thanksgiving is the food and the football. The long-standing tradition of watching a bowl game with your feet up and belly stuffed makes the holiday one of many people’s favorite. For those who’d like an extra dose of glutton on the already over-stuffed, over-served, and over-foodtoxicated holiday, I’m recommending the famous “turducken”.

The recent fame around the turducken began when commentator John Madden started mentioning the triple-stuffed bird of chicken, inside of duck, inside of turkey at NFL broadcasts. The promotion of the turducken by Madden continued when at last he displayed the portmanteau of bird and began carving it while announcing for CBS Sports. Madden later went on to award in 1989, “The Turkey Leg Award” to the Thanksgiving Day game’s Most Valuable Player and an actual turducken to players of the winning team.

In homage to Madden and his popular Thanksgiving Day tradition, I am going to award the turducken to Whole Life Insurance. Actually, I’m going to say that Whole Life Insurance is the turducken. Exactly like the best of ‘three’ being stuffed into one helping, the same goes for whole life.

The 3 Servings of Whole Life Insurance include:

1.       Tax-deferred growth for retirement

2.       Tax-free use like a Roth IRA

3.       Liquidity

A person who is interested in using the right financial vehicle for retirement, liquidity, and security should consider whole life insurance. No other product allows for such a multi-faceted use of money while simultaneously providing you an opportunity to leave behind a family legacy. It’s been used for centuries by people to maintain wealth, keep wealth, and pass along wealth. Whole life is a triple-threat, making it the modern financial turducken.

For more information on how Whole Life Insurance can work for you schedule a consult with a Wealth Strategist here.

Bryan McCloskey

Table of Contents

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