Getting Your Share of the Dividends

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dividendNot all financial products carry as many perks as whole life policy insurance. When you own a whole life policy some of the benefits that you receive are:

  • steady rate of return
  • tax benefits
  • legacy planning
  • liquidity

Whole Life Insurance is a customized strategy that can help you gain strong financial security and lasting growth.

With that being said, whole life insurance policies also come with the opportunity to receive dividends. Which means, you get a portion of the insurance company’s annual performance profits. Though dividends are not always guaranteed, the likelihood of not receiving a payment is low. Some insurance companies that are still operating today, have a history of paying their owners dividends every year since the late 1800s-even during The Great Depression.

A lot of our clients ask what the typical dividend is of the insurance company that their policy is written by. The answer is that we don’t know. To be honest, no one really knows because dividends are looked at from mutual insurance companies as the frosting on the cake. Insurance providers focus on their guarantees, and do not inform agents on their calculation formula for dividends because technically there is no guarantee

For a deeper look into Insurance Dividends read The Whole Truth About Whole Life on our Resource Page.

Table of Contents

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