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I am the 8th child out of 10 in my family, all of which are boys. I grew up on a modest farm in Star Valley, Wyoming and I never really considered what it would take to have the proper layout in our house. For me, this consideration changed in 2001 when I married my wife. You see, she had just completed an overseas internship in London with a prestigious designer after graduating as the salutatorian of the interior design school that she attended. Up to this point, every piece of furniture that I had placed in my house had a very functional use and location to it. Once married, I quickly realized the importance of a properly arranged house.

I have learned that there are literally thousands of different pieces of furniture and accessories that one can place into a room. The experience that my wife brought into properly structuring the layout of our first apartment together had huge impacts to not just the front room, but to every room. Every room in a home can have multiple functions when it has the correct furniture in the right place. However, when it does not have the proper layout, no amount of effort made a difference. The difference between an educated and experienced designer and that of an inexperienced and uneducated designer is drastic. Our house went from having the appearance of a bachelor pad to that of a well-managed home.

A financial strategy is no different than my experience as an interior designer. There are literally hundreds of different types of accounts, funds, stocks and financial services available to us. So often are we like the younger version of myself, that we simply apply what is comfortable to our retirement savings and strategies and hope for the best. The byproduct of this, is a strategy that is hollow and built from the top down. It doesn’t consider the different variations that will happen over the course of one’s life.

The only “plan” that one is designing is for the best of situations to happen. Many of you have lived long enough to know that the reality of life requires that our initial design needs modification. Is it any surprise that our financial strategies would need the same? Wouldn’t it make sense to design a strategy that allows maximum control with the ability to adapt to any situation that may arise? Having the flexibility with your wealth gives you the permission slip of choice rather than necessity. We call this the Perpetual Wealth Strategy.

At Paradigm Life, we want to help you design a strategy that is built from the ground up. A strategy that provides you maximum control and flexibility over your wealth while still generating guaranteed compound returns. Please reach out to any of our Wealth Strategists to discuss how the Perpetual Wealth Strategy can work for you!


Table of Contents

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