So you want to be the Boss? – Entrepreneurship Part I

Entrepreneurship and being your own boss

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Entrepreneurship, owning your own business, and being the boss are right up there with owning your own home as the most defining concepts of the American dream.

Today, with the high rate of unemployment, the uncertainty of the global economy and the general unease of world socio-political events, taking control of your own financial future is more appealing than ever.

Along with the multitude of personal benefits to owning your own business, most economists agree that entrepreneurship is a vital force in driving the very growth of the U.S. economy. In fact, the approximate 28 million small U.S. businesses employ half of the private sector workforce. That’s 60 million Americans.

At Paradigm Life, one of the key aspects that we discuss with our clients when we are crafting their financial plan is that of control. Most investment vehicles that are available today offer the investor a significant lack of control.

Entrepreneurship & Financial Strategy

How can anyone reliably plan for retirement or momentous financial goals if they are not in control of their financial strategy or the outcome of that strategy? Some of the risks that investors have no control over inherent in most financial plans today are:

1. Taxes
2. Fees
3. Market Volatility
4. Inflation
5. Access to their capital without penalty

Much like a business owner, when you own a policy that has been built to maximize the living benefits of the contract—not just the death benefit—you are in control of how your policy works, how you can utilize it, and what the outcome of your policy will be.

One of the most exhilarating feelings of entrepreneurship is that you can create, do, and build anything. Similarly, the Perpetual Wealth Strategy allows you to create a financial future that fits your unique goals.

If you want to be in control of your financial future along with your financial strategy, learn more in our next blog So You Want to Be the Boss? – Part II”. We’ll discuss how to utilize the Perpetual Wealth Strategy as an entrepreneur to build your business.

Table of Contents

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