Choice – The Foundation Principle of Freedom – Part 2

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Remember William Wallace? What would happen if we all stood up and shouted, “Aye, play their game and you may live, bank with their allies and you may have a few dollars for a bit longer. But tearful for the debt we have placed on our children’s children, ask yourselves this: would you be willing to give up all the days of excess, to have one chance just one, to go back to that moment when you realized you could step out of the banking tyranny and take control of our own stewardships? To say that we will choose a different way and that they can never take away our FREEDOM! It is still within our liberty to choose a better way. It always has been.”

Some say we need laws and regulations to fix the problems, but isn’t that just more of what hasn’t worked? Einstein said that the definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over and expect a different result. If we continue to do the same thing now, you and I, our children and our children’s children will have to work for generations to pay for the debt this country has racked up.

But there has to be a day of reasoning, a day of reckoning. The market manipulation must end. If we are to have freedom we must create a way for our economy to be a free market, again; for wise men and women to be entrepreneurial and create solutions. To choose change.

While I don’t know what the change will look like or the full extent of the price that must be paid, I know where we must start. We must start in our own homes with our own personal economies. We must take back our financial stewardship and teach our children to do the same. Years ago I discovered a unique, and time-tested strategy that I believe is a partial solution. What I discovered was that well designed traditional whole life insurance is a financial vehicle to create flexibility and control in my own personal economy. It has become the foundation of my financial strategy.  It provides my clients and myself more financial choice, more freedom and peace of mind.

Where possible, I choose not to feed those that have the ability to manipulate our markets and rob us of choice, because life without choice is like trying to breath without oxygen.

Sean Fleming

Table of Contents

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