Doctors, dentists, counselors, and life insurance agents. They all have something in common; there are key factors that need to be present before we officially select one. A recent consumer poll provided that 79% of consumers asked their family and friends for insurance agent referrals. And 69% asked colleagues andContinue Reading

Having a personal family banking system is easier than you think. It appears that individuals (turned families) have become accustomed to banks (or The Feds) telling them what to do with their money – how to save it, how to borrow it, and what to spend the borrowed money on.Continue Reading

401K's: Reaper of Your Retirement

He hung up the phone, it was HR, it was his turn to meet with the ‘retirement plan’ specialist. While it wasn’t mandatory, the many emails, memos and reminders provided by HR led him to realize that not attending his appropriated time may perhaps be frowned upon by higher ups.Continue Reading

Wherever there is public opinion, the potential for misconstrued truths and even myths are probable. Whole Life Insurance is no exception. There are many misunderstandings in regards to the way Whole Life Insurance works and its benefits. Some misconceptions are the result of individual opinion, however, there are quite aContinue Reading

There are more known millionaires today than ever before in history. Last year, reportedly 2 million earned a spot on the World Wealth Report’s millionaires list, making for a global increase of 15% (USA Today). Many financial pundits credit the increase of recent millionaire incomes to the stock market –Continue Reading

For many individuals unfamiliar with how life insurance works, understanding it as an asset can come as a surprise. Key attributes of Life Insurance include, liquidity, tax-free growth, market protection, and guaranteed growth  – those living benefits are in addition to a policy also providing a death benefit. But whatContinue Reading

The term “double indemnity” was made immortal from Edward G. Robinson’s 1944 film titled, Double Indemnity. Nominated for 7 Academy Awards (though winning none) the film became a classic and was often heralded as the first “film noir” that set the standard for the genre. Little did the movie makersContinue Reading