The term “double indemnity” was made immortal from Edward G. Robinson’s 1944 film titled, Double Indemnity. Nominated for 7 Academy Awards (though winning none) the film became a classic and was often heralded as the first “film noir” that set the standard for the genre. Little did the movie makersContinue Reading

MEC stands for Modified Endowment Contract. By law, the Internal Revenue Service limits the amount of cash value that can be accumulated in a life insurance policy. The amount of cash value must be relative to the amount of death benefit that the policy purchased. If the cash value andContinue Reading

Banking with Whole Life Insurance gives the average American the opportunity to be in control of their personal economy. The Quandary: Our current free market economy has been seen as “under attack” from many individuals in the U.S. – news reporters, politicians, lobbyists and business owners. Regardless of how theContinue Reading

In this episode of The Wealth Standard Radio, Host Ryan Lee talks with Agent Jennie Steed about the stock market, the life insurance industry, and being a female in a male-dominated business. Jennie enlightens the conversation with her take on how the concept of masculine and feminine energy make aContinue Reading