The Wealth Standard Radio Channel will help provide you with the opportunity to tune in to what’s really happening in the financial world. Hosted by our financial professionals, these men and women give pertinent information and guidance about a true “wealth standard” that if followed, can help you create aContinue Reading

Have you ever thought about what kind of impact a better understanding of economics might have on your financial future? Join Patrick Donohoe and Brad Gibb in this episode of Infinite Banking Radio to discuss why increasing your economic education is a crucial part of increasing your financial education.  PatrickContinue Reading

Special Guest Eric McGuire joins Patrick Donohoe to pay tribute to Eric’s brother, Les McGuire. Les was a very successful financial planner, speaker and author. In 2003, he wrote a booklet called, “The Economic Value of Certainty.” He taught both Patrick and Eric many valuable lessons about the financial industry,Continue Reading

Patrick Donohoe is joined by Chris Wade in the 77th episode of Infinite Banking Radio. Chris currently resides in Kirkland, Washington and works for Back Office Connection. He has been in the financial services industry for about 15 years, and has worked in several states across the U.S. Patrick andContinue Reading

Patrick Donohoe is joined by one of Paradigm Life’s most seasoned agents, John Stewart. John has been with Paradigm Life for two years, and has helped many individuals and families create a better financial future.  Patrick and John go into detail about one of the benefits of owning an insuranceContinue Reading

Patrick Donohoe is joined by Andy Tanner, a Rich Dad advisor, to discuss investing and market fluctuations. Andy Tanner is a successful author, investor, and financial advisor. In 2012, Andy wrote a book called “401(k)aos,” in this book he educates individuals on how their dream of a happy retirement couldContinue Reading

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In this episode of Infinite Banking Radio, Patrick Donohoe is joined by Sean Fleming; one of Paradigm Life’s agents. Sean and Patrick discuss life insurance dividends. What are dividends? How do dividends relate to infinite banking? Who are dividends paid out to? what can you use dividends for? Join PatrickContinue Reading

Listen in as Patrick Donohoe hosts Paradigm Life Agent, Bill Fagergren, in a brief discussion about Mutual Fund Fees. For more information about Paradigm Life and Infinite Banking, visit our resources page or contact us at or by phone at 1-800-870-8670.