Olympics, Brazil

Should the Olympics Affect Your Investment Strategy? The Olympic Games are in full swing and all eyes are on Rio De Janiero, Brazil. Though we adore the athletics, national pride, and putting differences aside, the Olympics are also about big business and the economic impact to the hosting country. TheContinue Reading

Change failure to success

How to Make Failure Your Greatest Path to Success Dude Perfect is one of YouTube’s hottest shows boasting well over 11 million subscribers and 60 million views. Self-described as “5 best friends and a panda,” this basketball trick-shot team consistently performs near-impossible sports entertainment feats with confidence, comedy, and muchContinue Reading

Sliding China Market

Sliding China Market May Drag You With It China is on the other side of the world. What they do shouldn’t affect your investments, right? Wrong.  And the scary thing is that nobody can tell you how. That’s what we call a crapshoot. Maybe it’s time you get more informationContinue Reading

Cure for Cancer

 What If You Had a Cure for Cancer? Imagine if you discovered a simple cure for Cancer. Do you think it would be easy to convince the public to adopt your treatment? If you said, “No,” then you’re likely right. You may bounce from media outlets to pharmaceutical companies tryingContinue Reading

Self-Insurance is a MYTH

Why Self-Insurance is a Myth Oh, Dave Ramsey, you’re at it again. In a recent response to a reader’s question, Dave took a little bit of information from the reader and made some sweeping recommendations on actions that she could take. Unfortunately, those recommended actions could cost the reader andContinue Reading