Using paid-up additions rider for home renovation

A paid-up additions rider isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when people think of home renovations. In fact, life insurance is rarely the first thing on anyone’s mind. But a paid-up additions (PUA) rider is one of the most important elements of a properly structured life insurance policy builtContinue Reading

universal life insurance policy

Universal life insurance might not be the right choice for you. Though all permanent life insurance policies render a cash value, universal life insurance isn’t necessarily the best option for infinite banking and retirement planning. At Paradigm Life, we always focus on the best strategy that helps clients maximize the benefits within theirContinue Reading

Cash Value life insurance saves businesses

Cash Value Life Insurance vs. Banks Business owners and managers alike understand the importance of having liquid capital to support growth. Though money for a business is necessary, often times finding it or borrowing it can be difficult and stressful. There is one strategy, used by many businesses, which provides easy capital—cashContinue Reading

In the summer of 2009, I read a financial news story that I won’t soon forget. It was about a woman who lost $1 million overnight. The unforgettable part of the story is not so much that she lost the money, but rather how she lost it. As a gestureContinue Reading

Simply put, banks are in business to make money – they profit by making money from our money. To ensure that this happens, most countries around the world have created a Central Banking system. Author G. Edward Griffin, in his classic work, The Creature from Jekyll Island, explains how theseContinue Reading

MEC stands for Modified Endowment Contract. By law, the Internal Revenue Service limits the amount of cash value that can be accumulated in a life insurance policy. The amount of cash value must be relative to the amount of death benefit that the policy purchased. If the cash value andContinue Reading

Not long after graduating from college I got a job at one of the nation’s largest brokerage firms. I worked on retirement accounts for doctors, nurses, teachers and other employees from organizations that offered 403(b)s – which are the non-profit’s equivalent to 401(k)s. These professionals commonly followed the advice to:Continue Reading

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