How many times have you heard that there are only two things certain in life – death and taxes?  We all seem to leave this life in the same way, and while we are alive we do everything we can to avoid taxes.  Fortunately, there is a financial vehicle thatContinue Reading

Should your child or children go to college? If they do, which college should they attend? How much will that cost? Will they get a quality education? Will they go to graduate school? Will they attend an in-state or out-of-state school? Do any of these questions sound familiar? If so,Continue Reading

According to a new study, many households across the United States actually have negative net worth. As of right now, a great many households have more debt and payments due than they actually have assets. This is a major low for the average American right now, since debt is literallyContinue Reading

The price of college tuition has received a lot of attention recently. Many people are worried about the skyrocketing prices. Whether you are a student that has to sign the loan, a parent that has to co-sign the loan, the college graduate that is overwhelmed by debt or a highContinue Reading

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