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Banks offer a “service” to employers allowing them to direct deposit their employee’s paychecks directly into their checking or savings account. This seems like a wonderful convenience and it is widely utilized as the norm. But, is it generosity of the bank in giving you this service to make your life easier?Continue Reading

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Everything on this Earth was put here to either act or to be acted upon. Which one are you? A lumberjack acts, and the trees are acted upon as they are taken from the forest to become lumber for your home. A miner acts, and the extracted ore is actedContinue Reading

jk rowling, future value, harry potter, retirement plan, cash flow

I recently read about a U.K. Journalist named Nigel Reynolds, who was the first journalist to interview J.K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series, as she attempted to publicize her new book. They met for coffee, chatted, and then J.K. handed him one of the first editions of herContinue Reading

retirement plans, water and oil, 401k, retirment

If you’re a parent with elementary school aged children, you’re familiar with the annual science fair project. One such project is the concept of how molecules of water are attracted to each other, and so are molecules of oil, so they quickly separate when mixed. The oil always floats onContinue Reading

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