Bryan McCloskey

Wealth Strategist

Ever since I opened my first whole life insurance policy at the age of 31 (I have 4 policies now), I’ve become passionate about helping others understand and embrace the concepts we teach here at Paradigm Life. This passion comes from the very fact that together, this system matched with this specific product works!

The ideas of being my own bank, safely and securely growing my wealth over time, using a dependable/proven strategy, maintaining control of my capital, and making my hard earned money work even harder for me are all very powerful. They captured my attention immediately and have since changed my life forever!

I value education. I have a background in education. I have pursued advanced designations in my field and I am a voracious reader on a variety of topics. Check out just a few of my book recommendations below. I have an innate driving curiosity (I consider it a good trait)…and a burning desire to practice what I preach and perpetually raise my game in order to help others! You won’t hear the stuff that I’ve learned coming out of the mouth of a typical Wall Street trained advisor.

I’ve learned that in order to succeed, you need to challenge common beliefs. I would encourage you (Yes You!) to work to truly understand how money moves through and plays a role in your life. Improve your knowledge and decision making instead of just blindly following the mass messages that we are bombarded with day after day, year after year. You’re here for a reason.

Something drew you to us, just like it drew me onto this path a decade ago. Continue on that path. Open your eyes. I welcome and invite you to learn more. Use the form below to gain access to all of our resources and let’s plan on talking so you can shorten your learning curve and speed up your success!

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A Message from Bryan

Top Financial Books

  • Rich Dad Poor Dad
    Robert Kiyosaki
  • Becoming Your Own Banker
    Nelson Nash
  • Tax-Free Wealth
    Tom Wheelwright

Favorite Quotes

Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood
Stephen Covey
It's not how much money you make, but how much money you keep, how hard it works for you, and how many generations you keep it for.
Robert Kiyosaki