3 Simple Terms to Help You Understand The Wealth Standard

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rich1. Invest / In ‘ vest/ verb: expend money with the expectation of achieving profit or material.

2. Rich /riCH/ adjective: Having a great deal of money or assets; wealthy

3. Wealth /welTH/ noun: an abundance of valuable Possessions or money

Three words commonly spoken in any financial setting that permeates the minds of anyone who is looking to secure a financial foothold. But notice the parts of speech of each term. A verb means action. An adjective describes. A noun identifies.

Action is easy for most of us. Our individual financial purpose is to work, or provide “a living” for ourselves or a family. Once that primary need is met, our financial pathway to a solid personal economy providing abundance and security can be outlined as these parts of speech suggest-you invest (action), you are described as rich, now you have wealth. Or so you would think.

‘To be rich’, as many of us describe the term is actually inaccurate. An adjective’s purpose is to describe, but any description is subjective to point of view. For instance one might describe dark chocolate from the Amazon as “rich” not knowing that Belgian chocolate is the superior variety, technically described by chocolatiers as “rich”.

At Paradigm Life, we avoid the term rich. We are not looking for a subjective description, but are looking to help our clients truly become Wealthy. Our purpose is to provide solutions that help individuals achieve wealth; true wealth is untouched by economic variables and provides security and financial freedom indefinitely.

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Patrick Donohoe

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Table of Contents

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