3 Financial Assets That Can Make You a Fortune


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When we talk about financial assets there’s an infinite amount of value out there—it’s impossible to max out human potential. But where can you focus financially to get the most “bang for your buck?” We have three recommendations that could change your life.

  1. Lifelong Education

Every person has a tremendous potential to generate abundance; and that abundance includes cash flow. Your brain is the asset that plays the key role in bringing it to you. Whether it’s magnifying your positivity and abundance mentality or literally gaining new knowledge, you’re helping yourself to a more prosperous future. Lifelong education, specifically financial education, gives you the ability to understand and set deliberate financial goals—and that’s the differentiator for you. Get started (or continue) with your lifelong knowledge by trying these activities:

  • • Seek education—learn new strategies through podcasts, books, videos, and courses
  • • Find mentors and coaches—people who inspire and motivate you
  • • Go to events—especially outside your comfort zone
  • • Network and build a team—brainstorming and support generates new ideas
  • • Look for problems to solve—this is the best way to provide value to others
  • • Learn your strengths—focus your time and effort on what you do well

All of these activities add to your ongoing ability to produce wealth for yourself. Let’s talk about increasing your wealth through the second most important asset, The Perpetual Wealth Strategy; a financial system to enhance your rate of return.

  1. Perpetual Wealth Strategy

You’re building wealth. Usually people put the money they grow into the bank or Wall Street. Neither of these avenues gives you much control over how (or if) your money grows, and you can’t easily access that money you’ve invested. We want you to think outside the ‘normal’ channels to grow money.

The Perpetual Wealth Strategy is a literal replacement for banks and Wall Street. You have control and liquidity, you have lower risk, and you can increase your rate of return. It’s a uniquely designed way to put your money into a private insurance policy.

Here are the characteristics and principles of the Perpetual Wealth Strategy:

  • • Don’t put all of your money in the stock market.
  • • Put cash into your whole life policy and use it as a vehicle for your savings.
  • • Borrow from your policy, i.e. yourself, for major life purchases.
  • • Pay yourself back and recapture the interest.
  • • Pass your money and your strategy to future generations by teaching your family these concepts.

The insurance policy you negotiate gives you superior benefits like privacy, larger returns, tax savings and liquidity. Liquidity is the key here. Your accumulating cash value allows you to borrow from yourself while your money grows. You can use that money to increase your personal investments—the more you accrue, the more you can borrow.

  1. Real Assets

Your financial strategy can include variety when you have liquid cash. A “real asset” is a physical, tangible asset like precious metals and real estate. The reason we like real assets, is the cash flow that you can use to pay yourself back and create a velocity of money. Plus, they usually outperform Wall Street and protect you from inflation.

When you set goals, have self-discipline, and repeat this strategy you will gain financial independence. Then passing this strategy to your family offers them not only monetary gain but financial wisdom too.

For more learning about real income producing assets, we recommend these resources:

Paradigm Life is a financial education company. Our mission is to offer you financial independence outside of Wall Street using the Perpetual Wealth strategy.

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Q: What is the role of Lifelong Education in wealth creation?

A: Lifelong Education emphasizes continuous learning and self-improvement as essential tools for adapting to changing economic environments and identifying new opportunities.

Q: How does the Perpetual Wealth Strategy contribute to financial growth?

A: The Perpetual Wealth Strategy involves using whole life insurance policies as a financial tool for saving, growing, and accessing funds, offering a stable and flexible asset.

Q: What are Real Assets and how do they help in building wealth?

A: Real Assets refer to physical, tangible assets like precious metals and real estate. They can provide cash flow, act as a hedge against inflation, and add diversity to investment portfolios.

Table of Contents

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