Michael Oakley's Story

Client Testimonial

I learned about Paradigm Life through an investment newsletter I trust. They were doing a segment on creating ‘Income for Life’ and informed us of the top agencies in the country that specialize in this type of policy. Paradigm Life was #1 on the list!

I have done my research on the Whole life insurance product and how it could be a valuable financial tool, but it was not until talking with my Agent at Paradigm Life that I knew I was making the right decision to move forward with my policy.

Whole life insurance has changed my investment strategies significantly! As a real estate investor I never have to worry about going through the hassles back at the bank to get a loan!

Working with my agent Noah was definitely the icing on the cake when dealing with Paradigm Life. I knew the product and the company, but Noah was amazing in showing me how much more I could utilize my policy beyond my knowledge and how it will greatly increase my financial security moving forward!

My overall experience with Paradigm Life has been first class! Between the education, the great customer service, and how personable they are with you. I wasn’t just another client. I felt as if I was part of the family!

I told my friends and family that, ‘When it comes to your financial security, Paradigm Life is definitely the company that will help get you there!’

A Wealth Maximization Account is the backbone of The Perpetual Wealth Strategy™