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Joe Maio, DDS is an established family and cosmetic dentist dedicated to progressing his company’s practice. About four years ago, Joe’s company was looking to expand their practice by building a second location that would act as the company’s headquarters. To secure their financing loan, they were required by the bank to take out a term insurance policy. Joe went to Paradigm Life, and instead of taking out a term policy, he learned about financing strategies and wealth building tactics through Permanent Life Insurance.

Joe’s company chose to forego the bank loan completely and use their Whole Life Insurance to fund their $2.3 million expansion project.

This Video Highlights:

  • How Joe’s dental company financed a $2.3 million expansion project through insurance.
  • Joe’s quick company growth with Permanent Insurance.
  • How Joe uses insurance for every type of business development.
  • Why Joe is firmly dedicated to the Be Your Bank concept, as it completely supports his business strategies.

Joe’s dentistry company continues to access the wealth building benefits that Permanent Insurance allows for his business development. Before becoming a client of Paradigm Life, Joe did not realize the many living benefits and guarantees that come with utilizing Whole Life Insurance.

The asset of life insurance allows any business owner, like Joe Maio, access to liquidity through the cash value, which can help fund equipment, inventory and executive pensions. Not only does Joe’s company support their quick and ample growth through capital offered from insurance, the company is maximizing the use of their dollars by building a strong financial foundation with life insurance’s tax benefits and earned interest.

Since learning about the endless possibilities of business growth with Permanent Life Insurance, Dr. Joe Maio and his dentistry team continue to find ways to succeed in their industry.

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