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Brad has always been a man about finance. Prior to coming to Paradigm Life as an agent, Brad used his Masters in Accounting along with his background in statistics to open his own accounting firm, which he operated for 10 years. He was first introduced to the concept of wealth building and retirement planning with Whole Life Insurance by being a client of President and founder, Patrick Donohoe.

In the beginning, Brad was very skeptical about using life insurance as a financial foundation — he had never been taught to think of insurance as a financial product that offers living benefits. Until Brad was sold on the strategy of using life insurance to build wealth, he would approach Patrick, almost weekly, with spreadsheets, graphs, and charts in hopes to find ‘holes’ in the concept. He never found what he was looking for, and considering his heavy background in numbers and finance, felt cheated about not being given the opportunity to learn about the banking concept earlier in life.

This Video Highlights:

  • How Whole Life Insurance empowers you to reach your financial goals
  • What financial Opportunities Permanent Insurance can provide
  • How banking on yourself with Whole Life Insurance helps build your wealth.

Since then Brad has taken his Whole Life Policy and built a personal empire with it. He likes to split his personal finances into consumer purchases and investments. Specifically with his Whole Life policy, he has purchased dozen investment properties, bought cars, financed family vacations, and even started a second business.

Because Brad experienced so much wealth building growth from utilizing his Whole Life Insurance policy, he decided to sell his accounting firm and become an agent with Paradigm Life. He believes everyone should grasp the vast financial potential that comes with Permanent Life Insurance.

A Wealth Maximization Account is the backbone of The Perpetual Wealth Strategy™