audio : Determining the Capital Value of Whole Life Insurance

Determining the Capital Value of Whole Life Insurance

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Determining the Capital Value of Whole Life Insurance


why?Discover why living benefits from whole life insurance are so beneficial and what they are.
how?Learn how insurance companies determine the value of human life for whole life insurance.
what?Find out what mutual insurance companies do to estimate the value of human life better.


In this episode of The Wealth Standard Radio, Host Ryan Lee is joined by Paradigm Life Agent, Bill Fagergren to discuss how a human life is the asset of Whole Life Insurance. How do insurance companies determine the value of a human life and how does that affect you? Whole Life Insurance is not just about a death benefit, more importantly, it's about the living benefits. The living benefits of life insurance include tax savings, market protection, income security during retirement, and financial growth.

This podcast defines what exactly a life insurance policy is and what it does for individuals and families. These principals and insurance policies can be used for people from any background. Permanent life insurance can benefit not only families after the death of a family member, but can help with businesses and financial growth of individuals while they are alive. Ryan and Bill help you understand and focus on the applied human life benefits or cash value of whole life insurance. In standard insurance policies, cash value is a secondary asset; however the cash value in Paradigm Life policies is often the reason for getting the policy.

Unlike other insurance companies, Paradigm Life does not use scare tactics to pressure people to buy life insurance. Paradigm Life seeks to help individuals understand the benefits of life insurance and how they can take advantage of those benefits today. Ryan and Bill also discuss how you can leave a legacy for loved ones in your life. Don’t just leave a legacy of money, but a legacy of financial knowledge and wealth traditions that will leave a long and lasting affect.

Understand your life insurance policy and your policy options by listening to this audio podcast today.