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What are the top pros and cons of infinite banking? If you’re curious about this proven wealth strategy and whether or not it’s right for you, read this article to learn the benefits of using a cash value insurance policy to grow and protect wealth, plus find out barriers toContinue Reading

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What is a modified endowment contract? If you’re shopping for a cash value life insurance policy like participating whole life insurance, you may have heard of the term “modified endowment contract” or “MEC” and how it can strip your insurance policy of certain tax advantages. Pay too much into yourContinue Reading

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Overfunded life insurance can help you quickly grow wealth, especially when utilized with whole life insurance as part of a Wealth Maximization Account™. In this article, we’ll explain what overfunded life insurance is and how it works, why overfunded life insurance is used by the wealthy (and large corporations), andContinue Reading

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“Is life insurance an investment?” Ask a financial planner this question and you’ll get varied responses. The truth is it depends on the type of insurance you buy. Some insurance policies come with built-in components that are either tied to investment options or function as investments. But are these typesContinue Reading

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Dividend paying whole life insurance can be a multi-faceted financial tool with a variety of living benefits. Unfortunately, most people don’t understand what it is, how it works, or what makes a dividend-paying policy different from a traditional whole life policy—and this lack of understanding can translate into hundreds ofContinue Reading

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Relying on a 401(k) or IRA for retirement? There may be a better option. A Life Insurance Retirement Plan (LIRP) offers increased protection and less risk than qualified, market-based retirement products. And if you plan on retiring early, it could save you tens of thousands of dollars. In this article,Continue Reading