3 Ways to Buy Life Insurance for Children blog header image

Buying life insurance for your children may have never crossed your mind. After all, aren’t you the one who is likely to pass away first? But the right life insurance for your children can provide more than a death benefit. In fact, it can help set your kids up forContinue Reading

Whole Life Insurance for Children blog header

There are a million things to think about when welcoming a new baby into the family, but there’s one item parents and grandparents almost always overlook: whole life insurance for children.  Whole life insurance for children is one of the most secure, guaranteed ways to help your child build wealthContinue Reading

Protect your child's future with child protection rider policies.

The child protection rider (CPR) is additional insurance added to your original whole life insurance policy that provides coverage for your child in case of death. But that’s not all it’s good for. In this article, we’ll explain the benefits of a child protection rider, costs and underwriting requirements, andContinue Reading