With endless uncertainty and political turmoil surrounding Social Security, it’s no wonder that most Americans feel very wary about Social Security. They simply don’t have any confidence they will receive Social Security at all – or at least enough of it to get them through the final years of theirContinue Reading

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No one consciously decides to limit their wealth, but most of us believe that the limitations on our wealth are largely determined by the hand we were dealt in life. Perhaps we will need to use our money to repay hefty college loans, or to take care of aging parentsContinue Reading

Over the holidays, many consumers resort to using credit cards to pay for gift. Often these consumers do not have enough money to cover the credit card balances they accumulate, and end up incurring significant amounts of debt. The interest on this debt can add anywhere from 30-100% of the amountContinue Reading

Investment decisions that keep you awake at night are not the kind of investment choices you should be making. If your mind is constantly racing because you’re questioning an investment product you just bought into, or because you just heard some bad financial news that you think could affect you,Continue Reading

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With Thanksgiving just behind us and more holidays around the corner, this seems to be a time of year for mixed emotions. On one hand it’s about family coming together, beautiful decorations and cheery music filling the air. For others, it’s about financial stress, unmet expectations and so much extraContinue Reading

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Real estate and wealth go hand-in-hand. Andrew Carnegie is credited with stating nearly a century ago that “90% of all millionaires become so through owning real estate.” Owning real property has always been a cornerstone in building and retaining wealth in a free nation. Why? If it is a farm,Continue Reading


Regardless of the way you celebrate, it’s beginning to look a lot like the holiday season. Most people approach the holidays with a surprised attitude. “It’s here already!” is a common expression and yet, the holidays come the same time every year. When you feel rushed and you have noContinue Reading

Ironically, when many people hear the words “life insurance,” they often think of death and how a life insurance policy can financially protect their loved ones. While term life insurance is just that – a death benefit – whole life insurance is much more. Whole life insurance is an assetContinue Reading