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Congratulations on adopting the Perpetual Wealth Strategy. In this inaugural episode, host and Paradigm Life CEO Patrick Donohoe dives into some of the incredible wealth-building principles that are now working for you. Join us as we review the Hierarchy of Wealth, as well as what you can expect as a Paradigm Life client in the coming months and years.

Key Takeaway Timeline

  • 0:40 – The purpose of this podcast
  • 3:05 – The Hierarchy of Wealth
  • 6:10 – The experts you’ll get to learn from throughout this podcast
  • 8:30 – How to get updates for this podcast and other valuable resources

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Hi, this is Patrick Donoho,I’m grateful to kick this off. This is intended for Paradigm Life’s clients called The Perpetual Wealth Strategy. I’ve hosted The Wealth Standard Podcast since 2007 and the theme of that is general financial strategies, principles and philosophy. This is a little bit different. This is focused exclusively on our clients to continue to teach and reinforce the implementation of the perpetual wealth strategy, which is our expertise. I’m here to kick it off and to talk about what you have set up and what you can expect in the coming months and years. You may have noticed that this is public, so you can share it if you want.

I realize that there may be some people that have heard about it randomly or they’d been referred here. Welcome to you as well. I know that there may be some different unique things that we talk about. I think you’re going to find value in some of those topics. Through this show, the purpose is to come alongside you and continue to teach you. It’s something that I’m passionate about and I’m always learning. I also realized that one of the best ways to learn is to experience the life of somebody else who is doing the same thing. Every life is different. We are all unique and different individuals in how we think about things and how we approach things. There may be some similarities, but there’s always going to be differences as well. You’re going to have a network of support of not just the wealth strategists at Paradigm Life, which you’re going to hear from as well, but also our clients and the questions that they asked and the scenarios that they face. We’re going to have clients as guests talking through their experience. Hopefully, that angle is going to help you as well to think about things differently and further your financial education. Going to the purpose of this, I realized that we’re in the information age and we’re bombarded with financial media multiple times a day. I realized that you are incorporating a typical strategy into your finances. You’re going to present circumstances in which you are explaining what you’re doing, whether that’s with a financial advisor, your CPA, your attorney, friends and family or colleagues.

Perpetual Wealth Strategy: You’re going to have a network of support of not just the wealth strategists at Paradigm Life, but the clients as well.

What we’re going to talk through here as well as provide the resources that will allow you to more fluidly have those conversations and have resources that you can share with them. One thing I’ll talk about, which I think is going to be relevant to all the future episodes is a model that we have been using here for quite some time called the Hierarchy of Wealth. It’s a model in which we categorize assets, as well as create more of a framework so that you can see where the decisions you have to make financially fit into the overall goals and initiatives that you have. I officially wrote about it in the book that I came out with in 2018 called the Heads I Win, Tails You Lose. If you guys haven’t picked up the book, definitely pick up the book. The Hierarchy of Wealth is something that was inspired by Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, which many of you are probably familiar with from your high school psychology classes. The Hierarchy of Needs is interesting because it shows the sequence of needs that we have as human beings and the order in which we meet those needs, starting with the physiological needs, foundational foods, shelter and clothing. If we don’t have that, then we can’t necessarily get to the next set of needs that we have which are safety needs, whether it’s the safety of a community or country that we live in that we naturally seek.

The next stage is our relationship needs. It’s like we need our physiological first, then our safety next, then our relationship after that, then self-esteem and self-actualization. The reason why I love this model is it provides that sequence of where to start and where you ultimately finish. I think the idea of anticipation, being prepared for certain things in the future, you don’t know exactly what they are, but you can put them into a specific model that helps you to make the right decision when that time comes. The Hierarchy of Wealth starts with tier one. We consider the Perpetual Wealth Strategy the ideal strategy to establish your foundational financial needs. We’re going to get into that here. Next is tier two, which is a different type of asset, tier three and then tier four. We’re going to talk through as it relates to the decisions that you are going to face probably now, next week or next year and how to incorporate that model to make the most informed decisions and to have the most successful outcomes. Regardless of where you’re at in life, that’s going to change. Right now, you could be starting out, graduating, getting married, your first job or you can be experienced and ready to take your life to the next level by changing jobs or starting a business, etc. That’s going to continue. We’re going to approach your financial life from many perspectives, which may not be relevant right now, but hopefully will be relevant in the future based on where you’re at them.

For a few years now, Investopedia has honored me with being one of the most highly influential financial advisors in the country. I would guess that has to do with my obsession with learning and then teaching what I learned and that is going to continue. It’s not just me, but it’s my team as well. We’re going to be here to continually find ways to bring more value to you through actual financial strategy, ways of looking at things or through the experiences of others. That’s one of the best ways to learn because we have clients from all walks of life and some may be relevant, some may not. Some may be relevant right now and some may not be relevant well into the future as you experience new things in your life. We’ve realized that you have made a lifelong commitment. We’re here to reciprocate on that commitment, to continually reinforce our principles, our philosophy and the different models we have in order to make the best decisions. Because one decision can lead to a bad outcome. One decision can lead to an amazing outcome. Establishing a reinforced set of values and principles and rules will help you to make the appropriate decision when that time comes. I’m excited to build this and you’re more than welcome to share this with friends and family and professional relationships and the other pieces of collateral and educational information that we’re going to have.

That’s on You can go and bookmark that page and visit the brand new Perpetual Wealth Strategy page. We also have the links to any references we make, whether it’s books or websites or people. That’s going to be on there as well. This is going to be a great adventure for us all. I’m excited for you. If you’re not on our email lists, the newsletter list, make sure you get on those. You can email the client support team. You can go onto the webpage and submit your information that way. If you’re not on our list, we can put you on that very easily so that you’re updated, as well as other things that we were sharing.

I’m humbled by you being here and taking the time to read this. Please subscribe to the show and share it with friends and family. I’m grateful for the trust that you’ve placed in us as it relates to the foundation of your financial life. It means a tremendous amount to me. Be sure to visit our webpage to get more information on this as well as in the future episode and also to stay in touch with us. There are a lot of clients that we have had over the years and we want to take our reciprocation of the value you’ve provided to us to the next level and provide you with the resources, the information and the education so that you can continue to experience financial success in your life. Join us next time. I’m going to have a very special person on. We’re going to be talking about the wealth mindset. His name is Justin Atkinson. He is an incredible person. He’s one of the most experienced wealth strategists that we have and has an incredible attitude. If you don’t know Justin, you’re going to be happy to read that interview. I can’t wait for that. Thank you for joining us on this kick-off episode and thank you again for your support. We’ll see you next time.

About Patrick Donohoe

Patrick is the President and CEO and started Paradigm Life in 2007 after learning from his mentor Kim Butler about financial strategies outside of Wall Street. With a background in economics and marketing, Patrick immediately realized the opportunity to teach investors, business owners, professionals and families on a large scale using modern digital media and communication technology. Since 2007 Paradigm Life has worked with thousands of individuals in all 50 states. Patrick has shared the stage with financial experts such as Robert Kiyosaki, Peter Schiff, G Edward Griffin, Tom Hopkins, Blair Singer, and more. Patrick co-created the Cash Flow Wealth Summit ( with his friends Tom Wheelwright, CPA of Provision Wealth and Andy Tanner, the author of 401kaos and Stock market cash flow (have links to their websites and books). Patrick hosts The Wealth Standard Radio – a popular financial podcast every Wednesday morning at 9am MST on the Tune In Radio Network. The Wealth Standard Radio has been on the air since 2007. Patrick grew up in West Hartford, Connecticut and moved to Salt Lake City in 2003 to attend the University of Utah and graduated with a BA in Economics. His yearly highlights are a family trip to his parents home in Cape Cod, Massachusetts and to Hermosillo, Sonora Mexico where his wife Synthia’s family resides. He enjoys playing ice hockey and is an avid participant in CrossFit. Patrick currently resides in Salt Lake City, Utah, with his wife Synthia and their three children Hannah, Meghan and Jack.

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