When I was young I remember going to my grandparents’ house, and being fascinated by the interesting things I could find from their habit of saving, or in a better word, hoarding everything. To get from the front door to the kitchen you had to navigate through a small pathContinue Reading

Click here to register for our next Summer Webinar! As you transfer from working life to retirement, how do you determine how much you can spend each month safely? How do you protect what you have worked to build? Protection from taxes, market volatility and liability. How do you balanceContinue Reading

Click here to join the second Summer webinar of 2014! In this webinar, Nate Butler of Paradigm Life will be teaching you all about the basics of Infinite Banking. The who, what, where, when, why, and how of the Infinite Banking Concept as it relates to business owners and theirContinue Reading

I spent five years of my life working at one of the largest mutual fund brokerage firms in the nation. That was before I was introduced to the “Infinite Banking Concept.”  It was a good time, it really was.  I met great people and it really was a good companyContinue Reading

In previous posts we have discussed in some detail how a properly structured life insurance policy will provide tax benefits during your lifetime. But have you considered what happens (from a tax standpoint) at your death? As a general rule, the death benefit proceeds from a life insurance policy areContinue Reading

At the beginning of the 2013-1014 winter season, the name “Polar Vortex” sounded to me like some warp zone found in “Super Mario Brothers.”  Honestly, I thought the weather reporters sounded a little too dramatic. That is, until I spent countless hours stuck in airports and on freeways bundled upContinue Reading

One of the primary features of a mutual life insurance company is that they operate for the benefit of their participating policy owners – not stockholders. As a result, mutual companies are making decisions today with the long-term interest of policy owners in mind. The mutual structure is the foundationContinue Reading

Should your child or children go to college? If they do, which college should they attend? How much will that cost? Will they get a quality education? Will they go to graduate school? Will they attend an in-state or out-of-state school? Do any of these questions sound familiar? If so,Continue Reading