Not all financial products carry as many perks as whole life policy insurance. When you own a whole life policy some of the benefits that you receive are: steady rate of return tax benefits legacy planning liquidity Whole Life Insurance is a customized strategy that can help you gain strongContinue Reading

“This is the worst recession since The Great Depression!” How many times have you heard that over the past 6 years? By definition, a recession is an “economic downturn of activity,” measured by six consecutive months (two quarters) of decline in the country’s GDP, or gross national product (see recentContinue Reading

Before I became an agent at Paradigm Life, I worked for many years as a stock broker. When the economy was on a down swing I would advise my clients to, “invest for the long-run.” During bear market periods I wanted clients to see farther than the moment at hand,Continue Reading

Stop using your credit cards and start borrowing your own money instead. One of the major benefits of having a whole life insurance policy is liquidity. It’s having access to your money when you need it. The average American household is carrying about $15,500 in credit card debt. And 33%Continue Reading