how life insurance compares to a 401(k)

What if your employer approached you with a retirement account that came with unlimited access to cash and contributions, provided market safety, and offered you a steady rate of return? You were then told that this same retirement account was completely controlled by you with very little government regulation andContinue Reading

The Child Protection Rider (CPR) is additional insurance added to your original Whole Life Insurance policy that provides coverage for your child in case of death. Many life insurance agents who speak about Children Insurance or the CPR, do so by explaining to parents that all emotions must be setContinue Reading

For most people, thinking about life insurance can be an uncomfortable thought. We’d rather think of ourselves as super heroes – indomitable, unstoppable, immortal. But somewhere in our 20’s or 30’s, depending upon our life circumstances, or at the recommendation of a friend or family member, the subject of acquiringContinue Reading

Being one of the oldest financial products on the market, Permanent Life Insurance naturally comes with many levels of protection and guarantees. Though each state has different exemption laws, typically cash value insurance is one of the few assets protected from creditors, divorce settlements, lawsuits and even bankruptcy. It’s wiseContinue Reading

Permanent Life Insurance provides a death benefit, but can also protect you and your family during times of financial stress while you’re still living. If for whatever reason you get injured and your income is no longer available, using your life insurance policy as a buffer can help to notContinue Reading