How Simple Cyberattacks Can Cost You Big Time On October 21, 2016, several waves of major cyberattacks against an internet directory service knocked millions of websites offline for most of the day. This attack reminds us that regardless of cybersecurity, just about any hacker can take systems offline downstream; costing theContinue Reading


How to Make Holiday Spending an Investment As the holiday season approaches, the annual dent in your finances draws near. Some tried and true methods like budgeting, making extra money, or being frugal can help reduce that dent, but we want to show you a way to make a dividendContinue Reading


How to Avoid Trampling Your Retirement Savings Emotions are one of the most common causes for stupid financial decisions. Science tells us that the pain of losing is twice as strong as the joy of winning—so that means we’re much more affected by losing a 20 dollar bill than byContinue Reading


6 Steps to Banish the Consumer Debt Haunting You Here’s something really scary—consumer debt. The total outstanding credit card debt in the U.S. is $2.4 trillion dollars, and at an average interest rate of 12.31%, that’s funneling an astronomical amount of money back to creditors. Good for them, but badContinue Reading


Is the Election Killing the Economy? As campaigning winds down and “We The People” get ready to go to the polls, Americans realize that even if the president can’t wave a magic wand and immediately create change, a vote for a candidate is an opportunity to say, “This person willContinue Reading


The Best Ways to Boost Financial Confidence for Women History has traditionally had men in the driver’s seat when it comes to household investing. As society continues to progress, we want to change that trend and help women build the confidence to be involved with their own financial progress, regardlessContinue Reading

The Backbone of Your Investment Success It’s been said that when you’re the smartest person in the room, it’s time to find another room. Nowhere is that more true than in the investment game. You can up your chances of winning by getting outside of your normal routine to findContinue Reading

How to Juggle Business Profit and Growth Running a small business can be stressful. The balance between budget, profit, and growth can be a juggling act. You’re constantly looking for ways to cut costs and offer a high level of quality, while generating the cash flow you need. Cash flowContinue Reading

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