Logan Sunday

Wealth Strategist

Logan recently finished traveling around the United States for nearly 3 years with his young family. The entire journey was financed through his own “banking system”. Logan is passionate about the principles and disciplines of managing your finances in such a way.  Logan discovered the Wealth Maximization Account over 10 years ago after being frustrated with traditional financial planning. This set him on a journey to discover what the wealthy really do with their money and how the money system really works. He is an advocate for truth in personal finance and is on a mission to help you take back control of your finances.  He always says, “if you want to win the money game, you have to play by a set of different rules!”.  A lot of the financial principles Logan has learned he shares in his book called “Money Pools System”.

Logan currently lives on an 80 acre farm with his family in southern Missouri. His goal is to not only be totally self-reliant in his finances but to be able to produce what his family consumes directly from his farm.

Logan married his wife Kristy in 2009 and they have 4 kids. He loves to spend time teaching his kids how to work the farm and care for animals. He is passionate about learning new things and loves to read. He is always listening to something educational and enjoys teaching. In his down time, you could also find him studying economics, studying blockchain technology, training his dogs, or driving his tractor.

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