Jennie Steed

Wealth Strategist

I believe that people are capable of incredible things, if they have the proper systems and support they need. Every great vision is achieved one step at a time. I love being there every step of the way. I am at my best when I get to teach the principals of financial freedom and accountability as well as provide the support needed to help my clients achieve their goals. This is who I am.

Jennie specializes in assisting her clients to find a financial balance while creating their financial masterpiece – for both now and for the future. She is an entrepreneur. Prior to joining Paradigm Life, she worked in finance as a mortgage loan officer for 5 years. She also owned and operated an alarm installation and monitoring security business for over 10 years. Jennie is the mother of three children – each with three very different personalities – and has learned how to creatively adapt to each of their needs. With that experience, she loves to find creative ways to encourage clients and colleagues as well as family and friends to look outside of the box for possible solutions to problems. She has a unique ability to teach them how they can create their goals and dreams. To Jennie, the “Perpetual Wealth Strategy” is most definitely “out of the box” thinking.

Top Financial Books

  • Start with Why
    Simon Sinek
  • The Big Leap
    Gay Hendricks
  • Rich Dad Poor Dad
    Robert T. Kiyosaki

Favorite Quotes

The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is NOW.
Chinese Proverb
Do or Do NOT! There is no Try.
Master Yoda