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Infinite Banking 101

Infinite Banking 101 is Paradigm Life’s premier online learning tool that will educate you on effective ways to use your money for wealth building and retirement. By signing up for your complimentary 101 course, you will understand how outdated traditional financial education and advisors currently are.

Infinite Banking 101 will teach you about:

  • Tax benefits of Infinite Banking.Tax
  • Increased savings using Infinite Banking.Savings
  • Infinite Banking promotes wealth principles.Wealth
  • Learn about a better retirement by using Infinite Banking.Retirement
  • Improve liquidity with Infinite Banking.Liquidity

Transform your money into wealth, and your retirement into a family legacy with your exclusive Infinite Banking 101 platform course.

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Over 8 years of Customer Successes

  • Joe Maio

    Joe Maio, DDS decided to use Whole Life Insurance to fund his company's $2.3 Million expansion without having to involve any banks.

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  • See how Whole Life Insurance changes lives.
  • Bradley Gibb

    After learning about Paradigm Life, Brad started using Permanent Life Insurance as his primary wealth building strategy.

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Resources Center

Our Resource Center provides you with the answers you’re looking for about Permanent Life Insurance and the Infinite Banking concept.

This comprehensive library offers complete access to webinars, articles and other media that will help you understand how whole life insurance works for wealth building, retirement and savings. At Paradigm Life, we believe that financial education is the first step toward owning a successful financial future. At any stage of life our resources will teach you about maximizing your financial goals with Life Insurance.

We constantly update our Resource Center to keep you informed about relevant information on Whole Life Insurance and its uses.

Resource Center

Expert financial advice, compiled for you.

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    China, The Big Short and Market Manipulation – Episode 132

    On this episode of the Wealth and Standard Patrick Donohoe and Ryan Lee sit down to discuss how, no one really has control over the market. Money in the market is not a good or bad thing, it all depends on your education on the market.