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Long-Term Care… We all have reasons why we haven’t started planning, right? I have found, though, that people who have started on this path have good things to say.  They feel more in control and less worried about the future. They’ve made decisions about (1) where and how they wantContinue Reading

Whole Life Insurance and A La Carte Options

Every whole life insurance policy has an a la carte menu of different add-ons you can put onto the life insurance product.  These “add-ons” are known as Riders. When creating a cash-rich policy, the Paid up Additions rider is a necessary component.  What are paid up additions? How does oneContinue Reading

Before I became an agent at Paradigm Life, I worked for many years as a stock broker. When the economy was on a down swing I would advise my clients to, “invest for the long-run.” During bear market periods I wanted clients to see farther than the moment at hand,Continue Reading

At the beginning of the 2013-1014 winter season, the name “Polar Vortex” sounded to me like some warp zone found in “Super Mario Brothers.”  Honestly, I thought the weather reporters sounded a little too dramatic. That is, until I spent countless hours stuck in airports and on freeways bundled upContinue Reading

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