Top 4 Books When Investing in Cash-Rich Life Insurance

Top 4 Books When Investing in Cash-Rich Life Insurance

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Top 4 Books When Investing in Cash-Rich Life Insurance

There is a wealth of knowledge available when it comes to learning about how to invest and life insurance. So much that it may seem a bit overwhelming.

As a whole life insurance agent and wealth strategist, it is my job and passion to be well-versed in such knowledge. Therefore I have put together a list of the top 4 books about investing in cash-rich life insurance.

Top 4 Books

1 – Becoming Your Own Banker (Nelson Nash):  This is a life changing read in just 92 pages.  Nash teaches you what banks do to create wealth, and then turns around and show you how you can do it too.  It is better to own the hard copy of this book since Nash uses a lot of charts and figures.

2 – How Privatized Banking Really Works (Carlos Lara and Robert Murphy):  Our elected officials could benefit from this book.  In an educated way and through simple illustrations, the authors expose some of the issues facing our country, families, and personal finances.  This book can help just about anyone get out of the rat race and provide solutions to a lot of our financial dilemmas.

3 – Financial Independence in the 21st Century (Dwayne Burnell and Suzanne Burnell):  In a simple and easy-to-understand format, the Burnell’s do an excellent job in presenting financial and retirement planning and utilizing whole life insurance.  This has always been one of my top recommendations for a quick and easy weekend read.

4 – Pirates of Manhattan (Barry James Dyke):  Dyke is a researcher at heart and it shows in this book.  If you are looking for some details on the issues of our economy, big banks, Wall Street, Federal Reserve, the IMF, and other related topics, this is your book.  The author also presents a lot of great information on bank owned and corporate owned life insurance.  If you are searching for a book that is going to provide the practical everyday applications of life insurance, this is your read.

May these books begin or continue your education into obtaining a financially successful present and future.

  • Justin Martin

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Justin Martin, MBA from Texas A&M University, Register Financial Consultant (IARFC), and Agent of Paradigm Life, has worked in the financial industry for 12+ years.  He currently resides in Salt Lake City, Utah with his wife and three kids.  Click here to view more information on Justin Martin. 

Table of Contents

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