Infinite Banking – The Broken Banking System and What You Can Do About It

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The Broken Banking SystemRecently our friends at The Real Estate Guys interviewed on their radio program economists Robert Murphy and Carlos Lara, authors of the book How Privatized Banking Really Works. They discussed the current state of the banking system and how it has changed.

“Today’s banking system is a far cry from George Bailey’s Bailey Building and Loan in the classic film “It’s a Wonderful Life”.

Back then, savers put money in local institutions where local bankers lent it out to local borrowers.  It was very community focused.

Today, everything funnels through Wall Street and the Federal Reserve, and the last few years have shown that when deals get made too far away from Main Street, weird stuff happens –  like meltdowns and bailouts.”

“But before you just park all that cash in a broken banking system, listen to Robert Murphy and Carlos Lara explain an alternative which provides direct current benefits to you, while circumventing the fractional reserve system that they say contributes to the problems the current system causes.  VERY interesting stuff!”

You can read the blog post on their website or listen to the show: Infinite Banking – The Broken Banking System and What You Can Do About It

You can find out more information about  Robert Murphy and Carlos Lara and their book How Privatized Banking Really Works by visiting their website –

The Real Estate GuysTo learn more about the Real Estate Guys Radio and the insight they provide regarding real estate markets, the economy,  and much more, visit their website

Every year The Real Estate Guys put on a great event called: Investor Summit at Sea.  This year they are having their 10th annual event which includes Robert and Kim Kiyosaki from the Rich Dad organization.  To learn more about this great educational event visit their Investor Summit at Sea page.

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Table of Contents

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